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Graphic Design

Cornerstone Technology Consultancy.


Logo Design

Making the best first impression starts with your logo design; It is the heart and face of your brand. This is what Cornerstone Consult do!

  • Logo Design for small business
  • Charity Logo Design
  • Company Logo Design
  • Logo Redesign/Rebrand


Brand Identity

Cornerstone Consult Objective is for your brand to be impact ful, remembered and easily recognised. To do it, we look at logos, strap lines and over design seamlessly working together.

  • Company Rebranding
  • Branding Guidelines
  • Web Branding
  • Mobile and App Branding
  • Brand Consultation

Cornerstone Consult have created brand identities for clients of all sizes and experience teaches us that no two clients are alike. Whatever the size of your company, we begin by taking the time to understand both your challenges and opportunities fully. Ten you will excute with confidence, providing consistent brand identity at every point of customer contact.


Contemporary Print Design

Contemporary print design need to reflect both traditional applications as well as today's ever-changing online and digital platforms. Our proven experience in both of these areas is a decided advantages for clients and provides multiple benifit for ready-to-print posters and flyers to business cards and latter head, Cornerstone Consult do it all!

  • Business Card Design
  • Corporate Stationary Design
  • Company Brochure Design
  • Poster Design & Billboards


Promotional Design

The Possibilities are limitless and that's precisely the kind of challenge that brings out best. From branded packaging to uniforms, special event, graphics to clothing, promotional gifts signage and more, integrated design that supports your brand identity and talks to your audience. What it takes to get you ahead - keep you there.

  • Packaging Design
  • Uniform Design
  • Signage & Branded Environment
  • Business Marketing & Advertising